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Opens for guests in April

Site manager Ståle Gundersen welcomes guests in April.
Our facility hotel will open during April. Assembly of the hotel started last January and is in full swing.

We get 132 rooms. We will be the nearest neighbor to the new hospital in Drammen. It is under construction. Construction of the Drammen Health Park will start in the autumn on the same site.

The resort hotel will be established on beach land. Here we have direct access to the fjord. We are close to some of the largest construction projects in Drammen in recent times. More than 200,000 square meters of hospital and health park will be built on our neighboring plots. It is the start of the development of the Fjord city Lier and Drammen. Once developed, Fjordbyen is planned to have 16,000 residents and 16,000 new jobs.

Fjordbyen will be realized by Eidos Eiendomsutvikling, together with several partners. Eidos is our largest owner.


- We want to help ensure that the construction of hospitals, health parks and other large projects in Drammen can go as smoothly and smoothly as possible. Establishing a construction hotel is a measure to contribute to simplification and facilitation for the construction industry in Drammen, says project director Roar Schinnes at Eidos.

- We want to create an attractive alternative for the building and construction industry, which will carry out many large projects in the local area in the coming years, say general manager Odd Jensrud and site manager Ståle Gundersen at Fjordbyen Innkvartering.

Moelven started rigging and assembly of our new hotel in the last week of January. Every week from now on, new rigs will be installed. During April, everything will be ready. Then we plan the opening.

132 new rooms

- We offer 132 new rooms, a new canteen and home-cooked food. Here, our own chefs will prepare food from scratch. With us, people should sleep well, eat well and have a good time, says Gundersen.

In the run-up to the opening, he will employ quite a few people in Fjordbyen innkvartering AS.

- We create new jobs. Now we are going to hire good people. It is a process we are well underway with, says Gundersen, who is looking forward to the rush towards opening.

- We have already been well received by several large players who have assignments at large facilities in Drammen. Our ambition is to be their preferred partner for accommodation and catering, says Gundersen.