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Health & Safety

We look after the health and safety of our employees and guests. We have incorporated good, well equipped routines.
We follow all guidelines and advice from the Institute of Public Health and local authorities to avoid the spread of infection. With us, everyone should feel safe.

From day one, we have had reinforced routines for cleaning and disinfecting contact surfaces and touch points. This applies, among other things, to tables and chairs that are disinfected after use and placed at a distance in line with the authorities' recommendations.

With us, hand sanitizer is available to everyone, both employees and guests. We recommend that it be used.

Our employees practice good hand hygiene through frequent hand washing and the use of disinfectant liquid. We comply with distance requirements - and other recommendations and requirements - in line with the authorities' recommendations as they develop over time.

Based on developments and the authorities' advice, it may become relevant to use food packages, time limits for breakfast and dinner service and other measures.

Notices and information about health & safety measures and any changes made are provided at the facility through notices/posters and other markings.