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Some practical information for those who will be staying at Fjordbyen Innkvartering:
Breakfast is served in the canteen. Use your code/card to enter the canteen. Breakfast is served between 0530–0700 Mon-Sat and 0700–0930 Sunday.
Lunch will be served as a packed lunch and can be picked up in the fridge at reception. It will be marked with your room no.
Dinner will be served in the canteen Monday–Saturday 1800–2000 and Sunday 1700–1800.
There are 24-hour kiosk vending machines at the reception, these accept all standard payment cards. Wifi is available in all rooms as well as canteen. Use Fbinn guest network. The code is fbinn-2021. 

House Rules

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inndoors. When you smoke use an ashtray outdoord. Use the exit/entrance door in front of the rig.
Fire doors must be able to be used for evacuation.
Clean up after yourself and throw rubbish where it should.
It should be quite on the rig after 2230.
It is strictly forbidden to bring food and drinks out of the canteen except for packed lunches. Sample control will occour.
Behave towards others the way you want others to be towards you.
Violations of rules can result in expulsion from the rig. When you confirm check-in and receive a code, you get our rules at the same time.
If there is something you are wondering abaout or want to let us know, call our on-call telephone +47 919 09 218, open from 0800–2000.
In emergencies open 24 hours a day.
If the fire alarm should go, evacuate calmly and quietly to the assembly point behind building D.