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Will expand the team

Would you like to work with us? Contact. We will hire more people.
Fjordbyen Innkvartering needs more employees. Site manager Ståle Gundersen would like to hear from you who want to work with good service for employees in the construction industry. He will build up the staff. He is currently looking for new employees who will work night shifts, but also service people in full and shared positions.

The facility hotel for Fjordbyen Innkvartering on Brakerøya in Drammen is open in the summer and provides good living conditions for foreign labor on a number of farms in the district this summer.

Site manager Ståle Gundersen has full working days. Now he will recruit. Night guards and service people in full and shared positions must be employed. In addition, there are extra helpers.

In late summer, the building and construction industry starts up again in full swing. Then the brand new construction hotel is ready to welcome professionals who are involved in the many building and construction projects in the district.

- We are building up staffing to meet the growing need we are now experiencing, says Ståle Gundersen, who this summer has had full days at the construction hotel.

- This is our first summer, and we have had a nice run-in of the facility hotel. We have full capacity on one of our three rigs. For us it is perfect. We get everything we have to deliver trimmed, from food, service, washing, cleaning and everything big and small to work smoothly.

Everything at Fjordbyen Innkvartering is new. Moelven handed over the rigs in April. Later, the patio is asphalted. Parking spaces have been established.

- We learn that everything works as it should. The next thing we will put in place is more employees, says Gundersen.
He will hire new employees in full and partial positions. In addition, there is a need for extra helpers.

- In particular, we are looking for working night guards and extra helpers within service, who cover most everything from cleaning to canteen management, says Gundersen.