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Short-term and seasonal

– We think short-term and seasonal, says site manager Ståle Gundersen.
Fjordbyen Innkvartering will provide the best dining experience. Then short-distance and seasonal are two key keywords.

Site manager Ståle Gundersen and head chef Monica Steinsland are both trained chefs. Together they have worked out some cornerstones for the food philosophy for Fjordbyen Innkvartering. The guests will eat good, varied and nutritious food that is home-made in their own kitchen.

– Good food and good sleep are important for performing well. With us, we will cook all the food in our own kitchen. It gives the opportunity to put together exciting menus that follow the growing season, say Gundersen and Steinsland.

– We will choose short trips where possible. In addition, we will emphasize seasonal ingredients and strive to include enough vegetables, grains and legumes on the menu to put together a tasty, varied and nutritious menu, says Steinsland.

In a sustainable perspective, a key word is food waste. It is not sustainable to throw away food.
– It is a challenge we take seriously. A lot is about making tasty and nutritious food. So it is important to portion correctly. No one benefits from throwing away food. We will do our part to contribute to lower food waste in society, says Gundersen.