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New CEO in the company

Ståle Gundersen (44) is the new CEO at Fjordbyen Innkvartering.
Ståle Gundersen comes from the position of site manager. Now he has taken over the facility hotel with 132 rooms as general manager.

A year ago, he welcomed the first guests at the construction hotel, which offers tailored services for the construction industry that needs accommodation for employees on the many building and construction projects in Drammen. Two of the largest take place on the neighboring plot. A new hospital and Drammen health park are being built there.

Good start
– We are very happy that Ståle has agreed to take over as CEO at the company. We know him well, and we are sure that we have the best person in the position, says chairman Anders Edbo.

Ståle Gundersen was the first to be employed at Fjordbyen accommodation. He was in place well before the opening last summer. Since then, he has been central to building up the company, from hiring to establishing agreements with suppliers and operating routines.

– The first full year of operation has been carried out in a good way. With Ståle as general manager, we look forward to the continuation. The challenges for the most important customer group, the construction industry, are not over, but we must in any case secure and continue the good offer we have established, says Edbo.

– I didn't need time to think about it to say yes. We now have our first full year of operation behind us. Vu is prepared for continued growth and development, says Gundersen, who has plans ready for expansion.

Expansions are planned for the next six months. The idea is to increase from 132 to 176 rooms in the first instance, says Gundersen.

He came to Fjordbyen Innkvartering from Quality Hotel River Station. There he was responsible for food and drink. Now he is the top manager of the city's newest hotel.

He knows many people in Drammen from the Godset environment as former operations manager at Arena Marienlyst for Strømsgodset Topfootball.