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Extends to 176 rooms

Fjordbyen Innkvartering has a full house and is expanding with 44 new rooms.
The capacity will be expanded during October. 44 new rooms will be ready for guests in a few days. Fjordbyen Innkvartering has since grown from 132 to 176 rooms.

Fjordbyen Innkvartering is a construction hotel tailored for the building and construction industry. The foothold in Drammen is good after one year of operation. The first guests checked in last summer. This autumn, the construction hotel hardly had any available beds.
– The fourth housing rig is ready. Equipment, furnishings and everything needed will be in place in a few days. Then we increase the capacity by 44 rooms. That will help, says managing director Ståle Gundersen.

176 rooms

Since opening last summer, the construction hotel has had 132 rooms. Now the number of rooms is increased to 176 at the hotel at Odden on Brakerøya. Many of the guests are involved in the construction of the new hospital in Drammen. They almost live in the workplace.

A fence separates the facility hotel from the hospital site. There, activity is strongly increasing. Before the turn of the year, the construction of a new hospital will provide work for 1,000 within the building and construction industry.

Increased activity

– We are very aware of the increased activity on the hospital site. The demand for rooms has increased this autumn, says Gundersen.

He plans for further growth.

The complex hotel is built with modules put together with three residential rigs and one rig for the kitchen, canteen and common living area.

– We have capacity in the canteen. We can therefore increase the room capacity and offer the same good service for a further 44 guests, says Gundersen.

12 employees

Since opening last year, Fjordbyen Innkvartering has created 12 jobs.

– We manage the increase without new hires. More people with us will get larger job shares. Then experience will show whether it works, or whether we have to recruit. The pressure on cleaning will increase, says Gundersen. He is happy to have customers who keep coming back.
– Many companies have booked regularly with us since last autumn, says Gundersen.

Many different companies are involved in hospital construction.
– The guests can come from over 40 different companies within a period of four weeks. Now we have greater capacity and can offer accommodation to more people, says Gundersen.