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Cater will deliver food and drink

Cater at Lierskogen will be the supplier of food and drink to the facility hotel.
– We are very pleased to have signed a local food and drink supplier, says site manager Ståle Gundersen at Fjordbyen Innkvartering.
The Cater agreement is the first supplier agreement to be signed. More will be in place, but for many, good food and drink is one of the most important things for a successful stay.

Local delivery
Cater has had an address at Lierskogen since 2017. There is a warehouse and administration building.

– At Lierskogen, we have the country's largest special warehouse for large household products. This means that we have a short distance to Fjordbyen and that we can quickly supplement and deliver a good service even if there are back orders. At Lierskogen we have 24-hour security. If something is desired, we can guarantee fast delivery, says managing director Bjørn Garder at Cater.

Cater is the result of a merger between Bjørnulf Engros in Mjøndalen, Bjørn Kristiansen in Kongsvinger and Østfoldfrukt in Mysen in 2014.
– The agreement is for five years and the first we have signed. It was not crucial for us to find a local supplier, but it is very nice that we signed with Cater and are helping to strengthen the local business life in our own area, says Gundersen.

Great in hospital
Cater is big in hospitals and nursing homes. The company delivers to all the hospitals in Eastern Norway and has agreements with many municipalities, including Drammen, Asker, Bærum and Oslo. This means that they deliver to nursing homes, nurseries and after-school centers in central Eastern Norway. In addition, there are restaurants, canteens, hotels and other actors in private business.

– We also have industry experience with catering facilities and have, among other things, delivered to facilities in Ørgenvika and Fornebu in the past. We are looking forward to getting started with the deliveries, and we will clearly cover the demand. In our product catalog you will find 20,000 products. In the warehouse at Lierskogen we have 8,000 at any given time, says Garder.